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God is doing amazing things and we are interested in hearing your testimony. Whether you have just become a part of the Kingdom of God or have been a part of it for years.

Testimonies are very important. As children of God, we should always testify of His goodness, as this is part of our Christian faith. According to John 1:7 we share our testimonies so that people might believe in Jesus the Son of God. When we believe in Jesus Christ, we have a desire to walk in His footsteps. Living out our faith and testifying about what God has done in and through your life, can help others see the Light in their own circumstances. Your testimony can bring hope to someone that struggles with a similar issue and do not know how to break free. A testimony is something very powerful, because if God can do it in your life, He most assuredly can do it in others’ lives.

Free from fear and Anxiety

Goeie môre familie! Ek groet u in die wonderlike Naam Jesus Christus, die Name bo alle name!My naam is Beatrice Abels en ek wil graag my getuienis met julle deel. Ek is dankbaar dat ek nog gesond en...

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