Life Group

It is so important to stay connected relationally and spiritually.  We will meet at different times and in different ways. To find out more about upcoming LIFEgroups, please contact our office. You are welcome to join in.

Our LifeGroups are a unique experience within our church. Our LifeGroups consists of 3 different categories where you can find a group to grow in your relationship with God.


These groups focus on Bible study, prayer and fellowship

This is where you can meditate on the previous Sunday services, dwell in the Word of God, and pray together, worship together and fellowship as a LifeGroup.  Here you can dig deeper into God’s Word.


These groups focus on equipping through biblical courses with some fellowship

This is where biblical teachings and biblical courses are used to equip the saints.


These groups focus on social and business interests with spiritual encouragement e.g. parkruns, mountain biking, hiking, finances, businesses, etc.

 Here you can find a group that might just be for the purpose of a hobby or something you are interested in doing or wanting to learn more about.

LEADING A LifeGroup – Register by contacting our office.

You do not need to have it “all together” to lead a LifeGroup – you just have to be willing to take the next step with God. To host a group, you simply choose a category of interest and communicate a selected time and location to meet with others.  We believe God uses LifeGroups to change people’s lives, and as a LifeGroup leader, you get to be a part of that.

What do you need to be a LifeGroup Leader? You need to be a child of God and also a member of Lig en Lewe Sentrum Paarl. It’s that easy!

Our mission for LifeGroups: “Creating healthy relationships”

The next step is yours!

We would love to hear from you