8two equipping

8two is Lig en Lewe Sentrum’s equipping platform. 8 weeks for 2 hours on a Tuesday evening.

It will establish saints for their ministry. This biblical based ministry believes that information must lead to Holy Spirit filled impartation, which will then bring transformation.

As we build on this platform there will be more courses to choose from in the future.

All are welcome to join us.

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Hooglied – Song of Songs

In Hooglied word jy uitgenooi om in ‘n dieper en meer intieme verhouding met Jesus te wandel. Ons word dit wat ons aanbid, en in hierdie lied beskryf dit die ontdekkingsreis van Sy skoonheid, Sy krag en Sy liefde vir jou lewe. Hooglied is waar Jesus en Sy begeertes, jou hartsbegeertes word.

Soos ons deur hierdie boek werk groei ons verder in eenheid en ons verhouding met Christus.


In Song of Songs you are invited to walk in a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus.  We become what we behold, and this song describes the journey of discovery of His beauty, His power and His love for your life.  Song of Songs is where Jesus and His desires, becomes your heart’s desires.

As we work through this book we grow in our unity and relationship with Him.

It will be held in person at Lig en Lewe Sentrum Paarl, Rose Street.

This spesific course will stretch over 2 terms.

2nd Term: 18 April – 6 June 2023
3rd Term: 25 July – 12 September 2023

 Tuesdays19:00 – 21:00

! Registrations CLOSED !

R30 per manual

(The Module is presented in Afrikaans)

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